by Edwina von Gal

Edwina with Dean

Cats and dogs like to eat grass and to sleep on lawns. But is it safe? Every year Americans dump 255 million pounds of toxic chemicals on their lawns. These chemicals cause irritation to paws and skin and are linked to cancers, endocrine disruption, and nervous system disorders. What to do? The good news is that synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are not necessary for beautiful landscapes. When you switch to nature-based techniques, your lawn and garden will look just as nice and you’ll engage in a process that will benefit your health, your pets, and the environment.

How to start? First, take a look at what you and/or your landscape crew are putting on your lawn. Next, consult The Perfect Earth Project website. Perfect Earth was founded to raise consciousness about the dangers of lawn and garden chemicals and to provide information on alternatives. Perfect Earth will help you and/or your landscaper learn the basics of PRFCT maintenance. It’s not difficult or any more expensive than what you’re doing now. Your plants are just like you. The primary objective is to build healthy soil, which is the same as a healthy body, full of microbes and nutrients that support growth, resilience, and a strong immune system. The basic elements are proper watering, correct mowing, and the right amounts and kinds of food. More details, from simple to serious, are available on our website. You will also find a directory (in process, and growing) of places and services that are PRFCT.

perfect-earth-logoLook for the Perfect Earth leif to recognize toxin-free outdoor places for you, your family, and your pets to enjoy. Spread the word, and order a Perfect Earth sticker online. With your help, Perfect Earth can work effectively with communities, public spaces, dog parks(!), businesses, and health-care facilities to create a safe and PRFCT environment.


Edwina von Gal is a landscape architect, author, and the founder and president of The Perfect Earth Project. She lives in East Hampton.

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