These Animals Lived to Know Love Thanks to You

At the beginning of last December, kittens were still being rescued and brought to ARF. In 2021 we rescued and adopted more than 200 kittens, which means we also needed to name them! Drosselmeyer, was the godfather of Clara in the Nutcracker, and obviously someone on our staff must have loved the story as a little girl, and we gave that name to this little orphan from Sagaponack. He had suffered a traumatic injury when he was just a few weeks old. That resulted in an infection and loss of eyesight in his left eye. ARF’s medical team treated his injury and addressed the ear mites and parasites that had kept him from thriving.

His sweet personality told us he knew that we had saved him.

Much earlier in the year, Bunny, a one-year-old lab mix, arrived at ARF from an over-crowded, under-funded county shelter in Georgia, whose only way to save their adoptable animals is to find partners like ARF. Bunny had all the parasites you would expect from a neglected dog, but something much worse was causing her to rapidly lose weight and energy. Our veterinarians identified that Bunny had been born with an abnormally small liver, and her body could not nourish itself.

With supportive care and a common prescription diet, Bunny began to thrive, and she and Drosselmeyer were among our first adoptions in 2022.

Every day at ARF, we strive to give each animal in our care the same life that we want for our own cats and dogs at home. This starts with food, shelter, and companionship, and it extends to life-saving medical care. The support of our volunteers, adopters, and donors makes this possible.

Your donations allow us to change the course of life for animals like Drosselmeyer and Bunny, and hundreds of others. And your gift goes on to touch the hearts of their new families, who marvel every day at the love they feel for them.

This spring, ARF anticipates hundreds of local kittens and dozens of special medical cases that will need our help. If you can, please consider donating once again. Your generosity makes our work possible.

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