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1. An un-neutered pet cat is evicted from its home, lost or left behind.*
2. Unmanaged feral cats breed prolifically. **
3. Two cats and their offspring can produce tens of thousands of cats in 10 years.
4. Feral cats are trapped, neutered, vaccinated, ear-tipped & returned to a managed colony.
5. Kittens and tame cats are removed from colonies and brought to ARF.
6. At ARF, each kitten is neutered, vaccinated, socialized and put up for adoption.
7. A new home for formerly feral kittens means a life full of love, happiness and no suffering.

* Many outdoor pet cats can become lost and eventually feral.
**Feral cats often starve, suffer and die at only two to three years of age.

Illustration by John Canemaker