What are the adoption requirements for the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons?

VETERINARIAN VERIFICATION – If the potential adopters currently have other animals in the home, we must call the veterinarian to verify that the animal is altered and up-to-date on DA2PP & Rabies for a dog and FVRCP & Rabies for a cat.

Why do we do this? We call the veterinarians for verification of vaccine history to ensure the animals are up to date. Puppies and kittens adopted from ARF will require additional vaccines once they leave ARF and are susceptible to catching disease from unvaccinated animals. Rabies vaccines are also required by law. We look to see if the animal is altered because introducing an un-altered animal to an altered animal could become potentially hazardous during the introduction period, therefore we strongly recommend that all animals are altered. Having an unaltered animal is opening that animal up to future health risks.

DOG MEET AND GREET – A meet and greet is required if the potential adopter has another dog currently in the home. The meet & greet would happen either at ARF or at one of our ARF offsite adoption events by an ARF handler.

Why do we do this? We want to ensure that the animals are going to get along and to set up the potential adopters for success with bringing a new dog into their home. There is never a 100% success rate, but these meetings on neutral ground are an effective way of gauging the animal’s reactions.

FAMILY MEET AND GREET – We highly recommend that the immediate family be present to meet the new animal being chosen. It is a wonderful experience for a family to choose an animal together. In addition, some animals have a strict requirement that all family members must be present due to either medical of behavior issues. This requirement will be listed in the animals’ description.

Why do we do this? We want to ensure that the selected animal is the appropriate fit for the future family’s lifestyle and all family members. We look at the animal’s demeanor during the meet and greet to see if it is exhibiting any negative behavior that would be potentially concerning to us.

LANDLORD VERIFICATION – If the potential adopter rents their home/apartment we must contact the landlord or management company for verification that they can have an animal in their home/apartment. Alternatively, a potential adopter may bring a copy of their lease/rental agreement showing they have a pet clause.

Why do we do this? Potential adopters might not be allowed to have an animal in their rented home and there may be a weight and breed restriction. The landlord might require a pet deposit or additional information from the adopters that they are not aware of.

AGE REQUIREMENT – All potential adopters must be over 21 years of age, and if they live with their parents, the parents must be contacted during the adoption process to ensure they are allowing a pet into their home.

Why do we do this? Successful adoptions depend on all members of the household taking responsibility for the care and well-being of their dog or cat. This includes the ability to support an animal’s needs financially.