at The William P. Rayner Training Center

Discover the William P. Rayner Training Center at ARF, where our mission is to empower dogs and foster enduring connections with their owners, built on cooperation, understanding, and trust. At ARF, we exclusively employ positive reinforcement training techniques, grounded in the science of animal learning. This approach is not only highly effective in shaping desired behaviors but also cultivates a strong, enduring bond between dogs and their human companions.

With a commitment to the highest standards of animal welfare, ARF stands as a beacon of excellence in care and safety. As part of this dedication, we advocate for positive training methods and tools, such as the use of body harnesses over traditional collars, and ARF has implemented using body harnesses for the majority of dogs and puppies in our care. By prioritizing the well-being and comfort of our furry friends, we ensure that training experiences are not only effective but also safe and stress-free.

At ARF, our comprehensive training programs cater to dogs of all ages and skill levels. From playful puppy kindergarten to foundational obedience and advanced training, our classes are thoughtfully crafted to facilitate seamless progression in our cutting-edge indoor facility. Additionally, we offer specialized sessions including recreational agility, tailored workshops, and socialization classes, all thoughtfully curated to suit the age and size of each participant.

Join us at ARF, where every interaction between dogs and people is infused with positivity, encouragement, and the promise of lasting companionship.

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New class sessions start each month.

The William P. Rayner Training Center

The William P. Rayner Training Center is ARF’s new 8,400 square foot training center built on site to accommodate year-round training, socialization, and enrichment in any weather, any time of year. This spacious facility includes a viewing area, outdoor play yard, and an environmentally conscious waste system.

Photo by Mark Kopko Photography.