Are you having some behavior issues with your cat or dog? Below are a list of some of the most common animal behavior issues and tips on how to deal with them, according to Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist Dr. Barbara Pezzanite, CPDT-KA.

Cat Issues

Adopting a Shy Kitten

Litter Box Problems

Urine Marking

Introducing Cats to Dogs

Preparing Your Cat for Your New Baby

Dog Issues

Resource Guarding

Introducing your Newly Adopted Dog to Unfamiliar Dogs

Choosing the Right Dog for Your Family

Adopting a Puppy Mill Rescue Dog

Adopting a Shy Dog

Introducing Dogs to Cats

Crate Training

Puppy Mouthing, Chewing and Housetraining

Front Door Behavior


Jumping Up


Separation Anxiety

Thunder Phobia