pup logoPUP supports the precious bond between people and their pets during a crisis, a time when a cat or dog is often the only comfort left. Arranging for their care can be overwhelming. Knowing your pet is safe until you can be reunited with them provides a sense of peace and relief.

Wpup artworkho We Help

The program provides a safe haven for pets when their owners are in a period of crisis or difficulty due to:

Illness, domestic abuse, limited means of seniors


How We Help

PUP provides:

Veterinary care, boarding, food, grooming, transportation

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me care for my cats in need of immediate medical attention. I’m sorry to be such a burden, but I’ve fallen on hard times and there was no one to help me.” – Name withheld

“I could never thank you all enough for saving Caress, Jewel and Simba. You saved my life as well, because I couldn’t go to the hospital until I knew my babies were taken care of. You were the only place willing to help me. You are angels in a world that rarely reveals such goodness!” – Name withheld

If you’re interested in learning more about PUP, please contact info@arfhamptons.org and put PUP in the subject line.