Cool Tips for a Hot Summer


As the dog days of summer approach and the temperature is on the rise be sure to keep these tips in mind to make sure your pet is safe while having fun in the sun:

  • Both cats and dogs can become dehydrated quickly—fresh drinking water is always a must! Keep several bowls scattered around the house.  A little added ice can make for an even more refreshing drink.
  • If pets are outside during the day, be sure to provide a shaded place for them to relax in. If it’s just too hot, keep pets indoors to enjoy some air conditioning or the cool tiles on your bathroom or kitchen floor.
  • A great haircut is an important part of looking your best during the warmer months. The longer hair on dogs should be trimmed, but don’t have them shaved; the layers of dogs’ coats actually protect them from overheating and sunburn. Cats should be brushed more often to help keep them cooler.
  • Enjoying the pool? Have fun, but be sure to keep an eye on your pet. An unsupervised cat or dog around deep water can result in tragedy. If dogs are taken out on a boat, they should always be wearing a life vest—just like you!
  • If your cat is an apartment dweller, or just loves to sit in front of an open window, be sure to have appropriate screens on the windows and secure them firmly.
  • Save your walks with your furry friend for the early morning or evening hours. Not only can the midday heat dehydrate your dog, but also their sensitive paws can easily burn.
  • Check for ticks! Even when anti-tick and flea preventatives are used, those little buggers can find a way to latch onto your pet. A thorough search after every walk is a good routine to get into.
  • Do not leave your dog or cat alone in your car under any circumstances. Even with the windows rolled down, your vehicle can become as hot as an oven in just a few moments. Leaving an animal unattended in cars in extreme weather is illegal in certain states.
  • Have fun! Just remember to keep everything in moderation. If it looks like your pet has had enough of the great outdoors, go back inside, where it’s cool. Sometimes, just “chilling out” can be the best activity for everyone.
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